Photography 102

Now  that you know the Basics and that you have the necessary skills to progress in your photography, we will do a more creative, hands on Workshop that will let us put in use both our knowledge and our unique and artistic vision as photographers. At the end of this workshop you will have a portfolio with all sorts of images using several techniques.
Some of the subjects we will learn are:
Exposure Meter
White Balance
Black and White Photography
Burning backgrounds
Sun flares and Shadows
Creative Techniques such as the art of seeing, photographing emotion, etc.
Light, photographing at different hours of the day, different directions of light, etc.
Portrait Photography

Workshop One Step Further, is an 8 days workshop divided as follows:.
5 Days of Theory Classes each one of 2 hours more or less.
2 Field Practice Days, in which we will complete some of the assignments, others will be completed individually by each photographer.
1 Day of Portfolio Presentations and Questions and Answers.

You need to complete Workshop 1 THE BASICS in order to register for Workshop 2
All workshops must be prepaid.
Space is limited, to create a group we need a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 8 students.
You will receive a notebook with all the information discussed in class.