untitled-1“With photography you have the power to capture the true self of people, the real bond between
two souls and the beauty of the world that surrounds us… what a great power!”

So you have a new SLR camera and have no idea what to do with it? The camera is a great tool
when you have complete control over it and you are the decision maker in every image you shoot.
This workshops are designed for beginners who want to get serious about photography.

My Workshops focus on skills and techniques that help you build a solid foundation, gain hands-on experience and advance your technical understanding of photography.
Travel workshops will de added soon.

This Workshops are designed to provide you with the quality education you deserve and an experience you will remember! you will learn  both the technical, as well as, the creative aspects of photography. I offer valuable insights into the essential theories of the art with a strong focus placed on hands-on learning.